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I don’t think I have talked about this anywhere. When I was 15, I applied to enter the International High School of Luynes, near Aix-en-Provence, in southern France, where I come from.
There was a written test and a speaking one. During the interview, the examiner, a friendly chap, asked me why would I be prepared to leave home to boarding school, why it mattered so much to me.
I remember my answer very clearly. I also remember how baffled the examiner was, he had never heard such a motive. Often, kids applying into that school were pushed by their parents. So, what I replied with simplicity was « because I know that speaking English will unable me to reach that place of happiness. English speaking people are happy ».
I had recently traveled to the US & stayed in a family. The ironic thing was that for the most part of that trip, I was badly treated and had to change host family half way through.
However, I could sense that the American People had a generally more vibrant and positive outlook on life. There had so many things that didn’t even exist in France. Those things were born from ways of thinking that were different.
I fell in love with the spirit of creativity and freedom that was more prominent there. « You can be/do/wear that and get away with it? ». It felt like a place of non-judgement. Less anyway.
I sure saw a lot of people struggle & juggle. So did I in southern France. The difference though was evident.
The Americans were more empowered to take control of their own lives and make things happen for themselves. Of course, this is not really a choice in many ways if we consider the social powers of the two nations which differ entirely.
This is not what I was thinking about as a 15 yo though. My observation was: one nation felt empowered & one felt disempowered.
So, I did not get into that school & that’s ok. It did not stop me. I went on to learn English and be fluent fairly quickly & I was lucky to do all my university studies with honors, in the UK.
Are English speaking people happier ? That is a topic for another article, perhaps. 🙂
The point of this article is that I was called to something and I followed through. Speaking English has given me access to the world and to that intensity that I needed as a human being.
It has given me access to new ways of thinking that take decades to reach the French speaking world. It has speeded up the process of helping me become who I am, to the core.
Sometimes we feel called to something bigger and we don’t understand why. As a kid, understanding the why, was irrelevant to me. It just was important and I followed through.
So my invitation here is to help you connect to that something bigger that you feel called to without trying to nail down the whys and the hows. At least, not straight away.
First. Dream it, live it from the inside for a bit. Make it grand, make it special.
And then, give birth to it.
Whatever you feel drawn to, that magnetic state of being. It is always right.
Follow it & figure out the rest as you play along and undo the rules.
Today, I bring my experiences to businesses & help their employees break down mental blocks and follow through with their ideas so that creativity and innovation can flow freely.
For more details, send an e-mail at hello@florianeletulle.com.
I am already thrilled at the idea of helping your business thrive and expand as creativity freedom is restored !

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