Doing Yoga, eating healthy & being stupid also, is totally possible

Floriane Letulle

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When I entered the world of wellness, there was something that made me scream from the inside, the odious and pretentious behavior of a nice bunch of people.

I quickly came to the conclusion, that having a respectful practice, does not automatically make us a confident, loving and generous human being.

Practice can bring us to that state, if that is our intention.

On the other hand, there is no automatic pass, a checklist of codes to be respected.

It is therefore not enough to wear Lululemon, to drink fresh wheat juice or to know how to sit in Sukhasana for 45 minutes without moving, to make us the divine example of a human temple.

You know what makes us a confident, loving and generous human being?

It is to be a confident, loving and generous human being living in our daily lives as much as possible.

It doesn’t matter who’s watching you, it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing, or if you have a quinoa grain stuck between your teeth or a packet of kale chips sticking out of your super cool Tote Bag.

It doesn’t matter.

I asked myself, what was it about me that caused me to have this “argh” so primal, so malicious, so snarling that wanted to say loud and clear “it’s not fair! Take off your pantyhose, cancel your retreat in Bali. The urge to shake this group of people up and then hold them in my arms.

To tell them, that is not happiness, it is necessary to go further, deeper.

Take off your pantyhose, cancel your retreat in Bali. Instead, go to the street, to your street, and start offering your humanity here and now.

Look at yourself in the mirror, observe every wrinkle, every contour, every expression. Let the energy of your soul be felt throughout your body. Reactivate this vital energy, without disguise.

Almost 6 years ago, we went to Bali and fell in love with Ubud so much that we changed our plans to stay there longer. I signed up for two workshops: a night meditation with singing bowls and a Sunday Dance.

A sublime school, the Yoga Barn, with sublime students. I felt like I was back in a dance school when I was 8 years old. And that’s not what I was looking for. What I was looking for was the ultimate freedom, freedom from judgment. Instead I found fashion, competition and division. 

When a practice becomes somewhat elitist with criteria, not written but expressed in other ways, it creates a division between THEM and US.

What makes the lioness roar in me is all the people who will be afraid to take the step towards yoga, towards ethical fashion, towards healthy living, out of a feeling of not belonging to the group, of not being enough this or too much that. Because going outside the box requires courage, willpower and trust. And at the beginning of the way, fragile & vulnerable, it is not easy to enter a world that seems so focused on appearance and performance.

Yet, immersing oneself with heart and intention in this universe can be a powerful and transformative.

I believe that consciously feeding oneself (in all senses) is POWERFUL to:

1) get started and

2) sustain one’s path of exploration & evolution towards absolute authenticity & bliss. 

So, practicing yoga, eating healthy and being green does not make one a respectable or superior human temple.

Go deeper!

Our common path is to understand that in the end, we are all equal. As soon as we are in the “them” and the “us”, it is clear that there is still work to be done, thresholds of evolution to cross, love to cultivate.

This is something that has been very much in my mind these last few years, this gap between them and me is that I try to diminish, to correct every time I let myself go. Because there is one thing I am convinced of, and that is in terms of energy, we are all equal. And, on a human level, we are all on the way.

My invitation through this article is to become aware in your life where you feel inferior and where you feel superior.

And, actively reach neutral point: what would you change in your habits and functioning?

I truly believe that to be the Star of The Show is to set an example with exquisite grace that expresses generosity, trust and love. For oneself and for Humanity.

Keep shining, freaking gorgeous soul.


Ready to live the show, yours ? spectacular & Magical ?

welcome to the club !

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