Journaling: a simple & powerful tool to bring ease and excitement now

Floriane Letulle

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I’m going to make a confession of something I’m not very proud of. This confession will however, help you understand what’s at stake. So, just for that alone, I agree to reveal this kind of shameful feeling.

Knowing how to pivot towards success

Almost a year ago, I went through an absolute turn, in my business and in my personal life. I listened to what was right in me rather than relying on theories and strategies that are available everywhere, for free or for a fee.

Following this decision, a multitude of opportunities and clients came to me. Thanks to this magical visceral energy, overflowing creativity and true authenticity.

I admit that at this point, I had no choice. I didn’t feel ready to stop my ascending business but it was urgent for me to function differently. I needed access to even more authenticity within me (the true one, the very raw one) and around me. A struggle against the “musts” and the “shoulds”. A strike against the superficial. A war against the destructive ego and that’s why my confession today is interesting.

By the way, I mentioned above the concept of “true authenticity” because authenticity has become a marketing tool that makes me want to vomit. There is a new invisible filter that exists today and that is authenticity. It’s being true on the surface. Yes, I know it’s contradictory, but it exists. If you’ve ever felt like throwing up when you read this flood of false authenticity all over social networks, welcome to the club !

The tool that changed my life & my business

What has allowed this transformation is journaling. Every day, I began to write, connecting to what is important, waltzing through fears and blockages to access my absolute truth.

I’ll be honest (the confession comes even further), I was a bit confused at first. I felt like I was going back to my childhood, a 15-year-old trying to write her diary. The feeling of going in circles. So, I got a mentor who uses this practice.

The confessions (yes, it’s a gift, there are several of them after all!); I was a bit ashamed that this ultra-simple technique gave me so much transformation and power. I was so ashamed that I thought I had to keep it a secret – impostor syndrome, hello!

I was afraid that people who find out about it and would therefore no longer need me. Ha ! Me, fool ! I still work with mentors ALL THE TIME. Journaling helps me getting more out of the money I invest. 

Who wouldn’t want to learn and use this technique?

And that is the most painful confession!

My dear and tender ego (hello darling? yes, I’m talking about you, you won’t blame me?) stretched out, woke up and punched the table. Because if everybody starts using this technique, nobody will need you! I know and I’m a little ashamed. A little much even. The trick is that by sharing with true authenticity, true vulnerability (it comes from the guts and it’s not a script copied on Google the Inspirer or a mental marketing guru) you realize the power of the thing !!!!


It’s simple and a little kissy-kissy as a technique, quite simple. I connected to my mission, to you, to the world I wish to serve and impact in a positive way so that the world continues its ascent with people who vibrate every day and who in turn contribute in a great way and that kissy-kissy technique, it knocked my ego out.

And what this kissy-kissy technique shows are exactly what journaling allows us to do: go from the head (ego) to the heart (our deep truth that is always so generous!). When we lead our lives from our truth, we automatically sweep away a lot of doubts, fears and brakes. Not all of them. Journaling helps you to do the rest as well as coaching with me.

So, sweetie, you ready to fly to the stars?

I’d like to say in conclusion that you have no idea how much this technique will transform your life and your business. No idea!

See you, on the other side of your dreams! Only if you choose to, of course ! 

Come dance with me ! Let’s chat ! Send me a message here over on Messenger & let’s see how we can get you THERE !

Woohoo !

Floriane xxx

Ready to live the show, yours ? spectacular & Magical ?

welcome to the club !

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