Does my ambition stir me away from being a good mother?

Ambition and motherhood

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For a long time, I thought I had to choose between becoming a mum and having a successful career. I felt torn and upset. Both roles were so important to me. I knew living my purpose meant I could not be a stay at home mum. Was I therefore going to be a terrible and selfish mum?
When I was 28, I left the corporate world to start making changes and create a life where I did not have to choose. Long before I was ready to even become a mother.
Most days, I look at my life and cannot believe the space that I have created. To be a present mum and a fulfilled ever expanding creative and business owner.
What I know for sure is that’s it’s easier than we think. What I have done mostly is strip down the layers of beliefs and show up consistently with my highest energy. ✨
What would your life look like in an instant if you had a magic trick?
Whatever it is, get to work.
It is why you are here for.
Cross the jungle, feel the sweat of intensity, smell the tropical flowers.
Be the star of your show. Today.

Floriane xox

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