Money Mindset: how I got trapped !

Money Mindset

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I dunnot know, to be honest.
I am no fashion expert & have no interest to be !!
What I can tell you though, is that dungarees have helped me create a profound empowered shift, no later than this morning.


So, I have been wanting to buy a pair of dungarees for two years.
I tried a few but it never felt right.
I became so obsessed with it. Well, kind of.


Last week, on a mission to become my even more FABULOUS self, I ordered a pair.

Just like that ! In seconds, it was ordered.

I tried it on yesterday. I felt I WAS BORN AGAIN!!!!!!

I know, that much excitement. You see I come from the south of France. And in case you don’t know, we tend to exaggerate things over there. It’s a skill. It’s funny until it’s not. But THIS, my friend … is an UNDERSTATEMENT !! I WAS BORN AGAIN !!!

***Oh god, what have I got myself into.Now, I better make the rest of this OUT OF THIS WORLD AMAZING, right!!!***

So, I tried it on.


I felt FREE.
I felt JOYFUL.
I felt ALIVE.

It triggered something in me.
Crazy ? I know, right ! So what then ?

I took them off, folded them and put them back in their bag for a minute. Thinking, perhaps, I should send them back. They cost way more than I usually spend money on, clothes-wise. Perhaps, I could even wait for a DISCOUNT CODE (and take the risk that they would be out of stock … SERIOUSLY ??)

And there I was. Feeling fully what I had grown up hearing … women who spend money on clothes & beauty should feel ashamed.

My mum praised herself for not spending my dad’s money on such things.

She felt, she was worth more than other women because of that. So, I could feel, as I looked at this precious piece of clothing, this sense of shame. How indulging would that be !!!

And, then ? I DECIDED. I CHOSE … ME.

I chose to honor these magical feelings of fun, fabulous, creative, joyful … And it felt good! SO SO SO SO good.

But that’s not it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

caught myself into a second wave !!

This time, I was about to ask my husband: “this is the price, what do you think ?”.

Not that he cares !
Not that I (ME FLORIANE !!) could not afford it !
But, I was looking for reassurance that I was still WORTHY even though I’d spend THAT INDECENT AMOUNT ON A PIECE OF CLOTHING !!

So soooooo glad, that I caught myself.
Because, now that I AM AWARE, this will not happen again.
I am an empowered woman !
I earn my own money !
I make my own decisions !
Nobody else does !!!!

And this is what I wanted to invite you to think about today.
Where do you shrink on a day to day basis ?
Where do you give your POWER away ?
Where do you say NO to something that makes you feel so amazing, creative, free, expansive, fabulous, gorgeous ?

Why is that ?

If you DECIDED in this moment, to be The Show ?
What would it look like ?
Where would you go ?
What would you buy ?
What do you say YES to ?
I think sometimes we underestimate SO SO SO much the negative impact of those decisions that keep us small on a DAILY basis.

Something else that came through for me to share as I was writing this to you.

When I help women be the show & to quit sugar + poor eating habits, I often explain to them that when we DEPRIVE ourself of that ONE thing we REALLY want (piece of cake, chocolate bar…) in order to NOT give in to that ONE thing … we are going to eat a 100 of other things to calm the urge… so we may as well bite in it and enjoy fully WITHOUT guilt !!Same with anything really !!

How many pieces of “ok” clothing would I have bought to try and match the joy and the feeling of being fabulous that I got and will continue to get for a LONG time with my beautiful dungarees ?

So saying YES to FULLY BEING THE SHOW >>> YOURS by purchasing/being/doing/living/breathing what makes you feel soooo good will help YOU become who you need to BE in order to SERVE the world in the BEST way !

But also, create MEANINGFUL relationships around yourself ! Be healthier, happier, richer …

The kind of human being we should all want to be, really !!!!

Be empowered & inspired !

Love to you,
Floriane xxx

PS. Get your training here and start being The Show Today!

Ready to live the show, yours ? spectacular & Magical ?

welcome to the club !

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