How to get back into flow? 3 steps!

How To get back into flow

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I am sure you have experienced the magical and very powerful state of flow. And, I am sure that you have fallen out of it. Like me, you may have tried really hard to get back into that state. And, like me, you may have failed letting you feel disconnected and even further from that state where everything seems to click with ease.

Before sharing with you the 3 steps that help me get back in this powerful way of being, I’d like to dive deeper into what this state of flow is and what generally gets me out of that beautiful way of being. Also, I will tell you why I am so keen (and so should you!) to be in that state all of the time.

What being in that state of flow looks like?

I used to describe it as this special taste in my mouth – tangy almost bloody. That state that leaves me energized and exhausted at the same time. A work out to the soul. A way of being where I am operating with the best of me – where I am being The Show – vibrant & fabulous.

Honoring fully what makes me happy. Whether it is creating a video or a podcast for my community, cooking a delicious colorful healthy meal, composing a flower bouquet, sitting watching the turquoise sea, shopping to furnish my home, perform a show on stage or slow down and be fully present with my son.

It’s magical. It’s real. It’s raw. It’s often so simple. It makes me feel deep in my core that this is what life is about. When I get to experiment life the way that makes me feel so good. Free. Liberated. Empowered. Kind. Generous. In love. Sensual. Feminine. Strong. Wealthy. Creative. Wild. Soft. Crazy. All of me.

Just writing these last few lines, I realise how much I intensified this feeling of flow, aliveness, love and connectedness to the myself and with the world. Because these things that I wrote about are so good to my soul. They truly make myself feel alive, on purpose. They bring out the best of me.

What gets me out of flow?

Why would I not want to feel that way all of the time ?

I do. But life gets in the way sometimes. Having said that, I now know what brings me out of balance and I am getting really good at being consistant in flow. My knowledge of what makes me feel so good comes from self-discovery years and naturally, through finding myself out of balance AGAIN.

Typically, what is low vibration to me is going to the supermarkets or shopping centers – what makes me feel 10 000 times better is to visit beautiful small boutiques in quirky streets and visit local markets with beautiful stalls (with beautiful flowers is an extra bonus). So this is what I do most of the time. But, it is not always possible.

Other examples include:
– listening to ads on the radio or on a podcast (so I don’t mind paying for subscription to get my music for example),
– being surrounded by negative people,
– having visitors staying with us for a few days (though less and less as I am relaxing more and more around what a work day looks like),
– not tuning in to my vision enough, letting small things over power my week (sorting out admin things, putting ads to sell an item … thank goodness, I now work with an amazing VA who helps me lots),
– making unhealthy choices,
– giving away my power (to mean criticism, judgement, decision on my behalf etc.),
– not following through the guidance of my soul etc.

I am work in progress so I am getting good at choosing a life that makes me feel in flow. But also, I ease into things thus, a lot of situations, no longer make me out of balance.

Why is being in the state of flow so important to me (and should be to you too!)?

I am sure you have guessed the number one reason: because it feels so good, exciting, expansive, empowering, creative, generous, connected, in love, hopeful, inventive, resourceful, healthy …

But also, because everything is so easy then. I develop this trustful with my strong self. I don’t doubt in my abilities to create, impact, connect or be a certain way. It allows me to be so creative and so present with my community and my wonderful clients.

And >>> if you are a business owner you will want to read this >>> it unables me to attract clients and opportunities with so much ease. To this day, it amazes me how I can earn 15k doing something I love and that impacts the world beautifully – in 3 days (!!!)  just because I show up embodying my best energy giving morning to night without even promoting my program, for example.

It amazes me how many people DM me on social media wanting to sign up to my STAR OF THE SHOW 1:1 program when I hardly talk about it and have NEVER properly launched it!!

So, this is why in a nutshell, you also want to aim to be in that fabulous flowy state always. And the ways, you experience flow change and transform. One day you may be ecstatic jumping about smiling to your ears. Other days, you may feel deeply in peace moving slowly and breathing gracefully.

Don’t get caught into thinking being in flow looks a certain way. Experiment, feel, pay attention to the feeling of deep joy and having reached the sense of “being home”. Enjoy it. And also, get to know what throws you out of balance and see how you can dance with it in a way that feels more aligned.

3 easy steps to get back into flow

So, here are 3 steps to help you get back into that state of flow without faking it.

  1. Visualise the outcome you are trying to reach Let’s say you are a business owner and you want to sell something because you know it will tremendously help thousands of people. Connect back to the vision and the people.Bring your focus BACK to the people you want to serve and away from yourself (and the feeling of being out of balance >>> what you focus on, expand).I visualise while journaling or meditating when I feel so overwhelmed and out of flow. It helps me create a container to connect to my higher power.

    When I want to keep nourishing my vision even when my life feels balanced, I visualise anywhere and everywhere. Cooking, 15 seconds as walk down the stairs somewhere, 3 seconds as I close or open the window, a quick moment as I take a deep breath in the middle of creating something …

  2. DecideDecide that you are now going back to feeling in flow, connected, joyful, generous, impactful, amazing, fabulous, strong, feminine …
  3. Visualise againVisualise again with the power of embodying the decision to be in flow again.Enter again the width and height of the great things you want to be, do, give and receive in your lifetime. Or, connect to one specific one. And finally, take one action towards achieving this.For me it looks like this, for example: writing a blog article, recording a video, giving a free training, helping for free someone on social media for 15 minutes, donating beautiful items to women in need etc.

As you may have noticed, flow almost always shows up again when I focus on other people first. Because this is what I am born for, to be of service to making women around me The Show, bravo, courageous, joyful, strong, generous, impactful, healthy.

I used to push being back in flow by doing yoga or dancing around or going for a run. And it worked sometimes because I do get to visualise and center myself again while I do these things. However, I have noticed that it has little long term effect if I don’t make a conscious decision that I am choosing to enter that state of flow again.

And, it feels so good to feel grounded and center, back to serving my soul and the world.

For a long time, I felt I kept forgetting this subtle language of flow, ease and the law of attraction and deep peace and joy. It’s so simple, try it.

If you feel inspired by this article and want to take it a step further / deeper / higher >>> my free video training will help you getting all sparkly, inside and out. Welcome to The Show > YOURS !

Get the training here !

Lots of love gorgeous star,
Floriane xox

Ready to live the show, yours ? spectacular & Magical ?

welcome to the club !

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