The ONE thing you should invest in right now!

the one thing you need to invest in

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Yesterday, I was listening to an online Masterclass on Money & Wealth as my 3yo son Eliott was breastfeeding and falling into lalaland.

It was fascinating.
Some of it, I was very familiar with.
Some of it, sounded like some obscur languages.
Or a never ending sneeze.
“Bless you, madam!”, I giggled.

(by the way, just like a foreign language, the more you listen to it, the more you get it, it suddenly clicks, starts making sense).

There’s one thing that the leader said that made me feel like we are sisters (actually, there were way more than one thing!!). She said:

IF YOU HAVE $10’000 in savings or LESS
This is what you MUST do FIRST


Forget about your logo, your brand, your website… for now.


(Ok she didn’t say it like that but you know, she meant it … I think!)

And that’s how you’ll start making those first 10k as return on investment – probably, quicker than you think.

How many business owners have I met or coached that came to me looking like they had it together from their website and social media?

But could hardly put food on their table?

Or, how many have walked away telling me they’ll come to me when they’ve made it? >>> HELLO??

I don’t have enough fingers to count them.

And guess what!

I was once one of them.
Until, I no longer was.

I invested money that I didn’t have as a leap of faith … with myself FIRST.
And, I thought it was nuts and largely irresponsible.
This is how committed I was to this life and to serving YOU!!!
Actually, just before I sat down to write this to you.
I was opening the shutters of my office’s window and felt this deep sense of gratitude.
This is what made me sit down and type these words to you.
Before I even had time to have my lunch!

Less than 18 months ago, I was at a point in my business where I wondered if I would ever make it (I mean, I was earning consistently but not enough to live or breathe) >>> Have the impact that I desire + earn the money that I deserve in order to keep on serving and expanding … and … INVESTING.

It hasn’t been a straight road. It rarely is.

Many times, I thought I finally GOT it.

Only to forget the subtle language to freedom that I thought I had become fluent in.

I remember, 10 years ago, one of my mentor who has now sadly passed, told me: every time you go backwards and then forward, you reinforce the power, the knowledge.

Trust in the process, you will become a natural.
Because, you once were. Because, you are. 
Like all of us.
She was right.

Anyway, I was opening those beautiful shutters (the exact colour of the shutters I had written in my journal last summer = #MANIFESTATION!!!).

How mad.
That we live here.
That we are about to move to the beautiful island of Cyprus, BY CHOICE.
That I have managed to earn close to 40k in a month this year with so much ease.

How mad.
That I was diagnosed with lupus at the age of 19.
That I was told I would not be able to become a mother.
That I was privileged to birth two beautiful boys.
While healing myself to being in FULL remission.

How mad.
That I grieved for the loss of a child.
Felt that life was not worth living.
Felt the excruciating pain of loss and guilt.
To also feel the deepest joy – as a result.

How mad.
That, at age 13.
I was told indirectly.
Teacher talking to mother.
That I was a lost cause.
That I had no potential for success in life.

How mad.
That, at age 18.
I was told.
In my face this time.
That I would not be able to support people.
Because I sucked at math.
(I know, go figure on that one)

How mad.
That, at age 0, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, ….
The moments where I felt MOST alive.
Were either when I was ON stage.
Or when I was by a stage.
(Feeling desperate to join the singers and the dancers)
And that today I get to be on stage.
Online & Offline?

Nothing mad about any of this when I think about it.

Life as it happens to ALL of us.

We all live struggles.
We all live pains.
We all live inequalities.
We all live rejections.
We all accept our realities.


This life
My life
YOUR life
is a choice.

Or rather, a sequence of choices.

I get to CHOOSE.
And you get to CHOOSE.


My new program BORN A STAR will be out very soon & it will be LIFE-TRANSFORMATIVE.

It will unable you to connect to your deepest truths & unravel it into your reality. So that you too, can open the shutters of a beautiful home you have manifested as you are about to move to your next adventure in awe, bewildered by how easy good things can come your way when you lead life with full integrity and alignement.

If that’s what you want, of course.
In any case, you choose.

BORN A STAR will be available shortly both in French & English.

With all my love, I scream & shout.
I am so excited for what’s possible FOR YOU!
Floriane xxx

ps. if you already want to sign up or find out more, drop me a message on Messenger (click here) – We’ll do the silly monkey dance together! Yes totally possible with words >>> it’s called ENERGY, baby!

ps 2. it’s amazing what happens when you take a big leap >>> it feels so good that you want more >>> it becomes a way of life >>> you are a natural, remember! Trust in yourself.

ps 3. I can’t hang up without telling you this: this morning, I was happily playing some games with my beautiful son Eliott who’s 3 – after rolling ourself in a duvet as a burrito haha I asked him as I was putting away a game he loves >>> “Eliott, would you like to take this game when we take the plane to our new home?”. 

Do you know what he answered?

or rather. 


“No, I don’t need it. I don’t need anything”, with peace as he carried on playing.

And I smiled at him feeling like I just received a precious lesson (that felt like a wake-up call / slap in my face).

We don’t need anything except for being ourself with integrity.

I can go wherever in the entire world with no belongings. I am home.

And you know what?

The three suitcases that should board the plane with us, suddenly feel like plenty and unnecessary.

I don’t need anything except for keeping on dancing with myself amongst the stars.
Because I am one, I was born to be a star.
And, so are you.

ps 4. if you want to jump ahead and work 1:1 with me, you can also message me and let’s see if STAR OF THE SHOW 1:1 is the perfect next step for you to blow into a VIBRANT DANCING VEHICULE OF THE SOUL, click here. 

ps 5. Don’t forget your free STAR OF THE SHOW video training before you go, I had so much fun creating it and I know it will make you act differently already >>> click here to access the free training now.

Ready to live the show, yours ? spectacular & Magical ?

welcome to the club !

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