Why follow the signs?

Follow the signs

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I had a plan. I was pumped. I felt high.

I receive this download and I knew very clearly how I was going to serve the world next.

I became filled with exotic energies as my creativity flowed.

I started dancing again. Or, should I say, I started dancing more than usual.

To the rhythms of Bangalore, Essaouira or this mystical place that I have imagined in my head.

The way I dress started to change also. My feminine side came out strong.

It was there, it was clear.

I wanted to tell the world about it.

I knew it was going to be life changing.

I was waking up in the morning, feeling so graceful and inspired and excited for the world.

Until, I went away.
And, they visited.

We had fun.
We cheered glasses.
We ate, we drank.
We eased into a new way of being.

And then, it was gone.

The flow, the magic.

Until, it was there again.
Not deep enough.
Not vibrant enough.
It had lost force and speed.

Was it no longer aligned, then?

Am I pushing it now?
Should I move on to something else?

Because I can feel through me this other project bubbling so hard. 


That’s what she told me. Again. And, again. And again.

So I did.

And the energy, the excitement, the power, the majestical dances came back.
They all did.
10’000 bigger, fuller, deeper.

What did I do, then?

I stopped trying to control.
I stopped letting myself guided by the expectations of others.
So many women had told me they were eagerly waiting for that thing.

And instead, I leaned it.
I said yes to all the beauty that came my way.
And I understood.
The block was there for a reason.
Like always.
It was there to make me see that I was keeping myself small.

And so, as I eased in to the waves of life.
My plan to launch and release got pushed back.
One day at a time.
Every night, I kept thinking “tomorrow is the day”.

And it wasn’t.
Because soul had decided otherwise.
Soul had decided it was time to go wild.
To let my creativity pour in all the languages that I speak.
It was time to speak the unspoken.
It was time to be deeper, bigger, taller in living The Show.

And so, I do.

I followed the signs.
I almost choked at some point.
There were so many. Loud & Clear.

All made sense.
All felt so sweet.
So true.
So on point.

Then, I choked again. Differently, this time.
How will I manage this all?

FOLLOW THE SIGN, she screamed with the most beautiful kindness.
A powerful siren glowing on this beautiful rock.

And so, I did.

Like every time, I know, this is where magic flows.

So, follow the signs, always, beautiful star.

Don’t question it.
Embrace it. Say yes.
And, dance while walking as if you were 6 again.

Follow the signs.

I walk dancing as you leap, fly & sing YES to life,
Floriane xxx

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welcome to the club !

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