Good Luck Charm

lion roaring

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This morning, I was walking into town listening to Elvis Presley’s Good Luck Charm. And it all came back to me, as a flash. The Show. Mine. On stage with you. The lights. The music. The laughter. The cries. The cheering. The hugging. The sweat. The hope. The power. The knowing. The vibrations. The love. The connectedness. Hands in Hands. Shoulders against shoulders. Rocking it in the audience as you come back to life again and again and again. The engine starting to roar like a lion as it gets ready to stand up tall and shake the world with its grandeur and the most powerful forces that are love, trust and desires.

I saw myself, smiling, talking, crying, dancing, jumping, sweating … arms open, heart wide wide widely open connected to every single one of you in the room.

And I knew then, this is where I am moving towards daily.

This is where I feel most alive.

The Show. The Stage. Online. Offline.

Talking to you. With you.

Making you see what you don’t yet see.

The whole of you.

The magic.

The glory.

The impact.

The exuberance of what it is truly like to be living.

I can’t wait to meet you there. Online, offline.

Stay tuned for the magic within 🙏🏻

Floriane xx

Ready to live the show, yours? spectacular & Magical?

welcome to the club !

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