Raising free children

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My gift to the world is more than the thriving business I have created. My biggest contribution to the world is in committing to raising my children as free as I can.

Where is the world going ?

I feel this whole weight on me right now. This force that is putting me to a halt.

What do you do when, intuitively, you know the world is going in the wrong direction ?

You know that all of that is happening is non-sense. The decisions, the rules filled with fear, the new habits ingrained by the day.

What do you do when all around you, you feel that everyone, one by one, is turning into a soldier…

What do you do when all around you, you contemplate this army of sheep.

Not questionning, not contemplating the possibility that … but simply, like robots, applying the new rules and regulations.

Judging ? No ! Simply observing from my reality to yours !

What do you do when, despite yourself, you become a rebel, you are on the sideline, you become the black sheep, despite yourself.

How do you do when all that you want to do is create a fantasy world…

A world where rainbows and butterflies still exist…
A world where the spontaneity of being still prevails…
What do you do when from one day to the next !

You feel you do not speak the same language as most of them.

What do you do when you feel your freedom is taken away by the day.

What do you do when you witness this army of soldiers walking symmetrically towards one goal.

The one of giving all power to the ones above.

What do you do when instead all that you want to do is have fun and play!

What do you do when you keep the faith that this is all going to stop.

The world is going to wake up and everyone, the soldiers, the sheep and all
will realize this was all a mascarade.
And that so willingly we will hug and dance together.
Realising how silly this all is.

How do you do when you feel so isolated in your knowing.
How do you do when this knowing is so strong.
So strong that it’s dominating every cell of your body.

How do you do….
How do you do….
How do you do !!!

Our intuition is our power!

How do you do when you are forced to shut it down.
When despite the obvious to you.
You are still forced to wear the mask and the costume.

How do you do when this army of sheep is walking forward so willingly.
But that you want to stay on the sideline.
And that all that you want is preserve yourself and the children.

How do you do when all that you want in the end is to have the mind of a 3 year old.
Innocent, playful, magical and so so so intuitive.

You do that then!

You join the crowd and the energy of a 3 and you fight so so so hard for their world to be intact, untouched.

I feel like Roberto Benigni right now … the father preserving the child of the nightmare they are breathing in …
Masking the mascarade!

So that my son! MY son!
My wonderful son!
Being of light and magic!
So pure, innocent and full of grace!
Remains untouched, free and wild!

So that he can perhaps redirect the energy of the sheep blueprint one day.

This is what you do.

And I do question it.
Why would I be right ?
After all, I am no scientific lab.
I am no scientific expert.


I have learnt to trust my body and what it communicates to me.
And this is what this devision shows.
The intuition versus the reason.
The inner knowing versus the believing.

All the people marching in the streets.

Are not marching against the rules and regulations really.
What they are walking for.
Is the recognition of the truth that stems from our intuition.
Our inner knowing.
The things that you so know that are right and true.
But you can’t explain it.
This is what is at stake.

And what this army of beings overnight transformation into sheep soldiers shows.
That there’s been a huge mistake made.
One where at some point we have learnt as a race to unlearn the trust in our awn ability to know.

But I have faith

I know that all of the single being/sheep on the planet have the power to know again from within one day.

And who knows, these very vulnerable words may be the sparkle that starts the inner fire.

Who knows.

This was written for my own personal relief at 2am.

Creativity soothing the soul.

So that I can breathe again, I hope. Tomorrow.

And in the meantime, I’ll keep on using fully the restricted freedom that I am being offered.

In the meantime, I’ll keep on keeping on, my way, as much as I possibly can.

When a bird has his wings clipped, what do you do ? You teach him how to grow new wings of freedom, of course.

Ready to live the show, yours? spectacular & Magical?

welcome to the club !

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