5 profound ways to connect to your body

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I was thinking today that when I ventured into creating my coaching business a few years ago, I never anticipated how central connecting to our bodies would become. Whether someone comes to me specifically for business or to get out of dieting patterns, of behaviour: our bodies become our main tool. 

All day today, I was drawn to write this article to give you 5 ways that are very powerful for me to connect to my body in a deep way. Of course, I could create a list of 1001 ideas. Of course, my ways may not be yours. I have a feeling though, they may challenge you. So, here we are.

Why do we need to connect to our bodies?

Before giving you my current 5 ways, I wanted to mention to you why you may want to put your body at the service and center of your life. One simple reason is that your body is the vehicle for your soul on this Earth voyage. It knows everything that you need, desire and dream of. It is more powerful than Google, any doctors on the planet or any spiritual gurus you could meet. 

It sounds cliché but your body really is your compass. 

Every time I check in with my body, I know. I know, for everything, every time. And whenever I failed to let my body at the service of my life or business, I learn and I know … I notice the difference. There is so much ease when we are ONE with our beautiful temple. 

If you have no idea what I am talking about or what it looks / feels like to have your body at the service of your life: try it, right now, today ! Whenever you ought to make a decision, whether it is about what food to eat, what clothes to wear or whether to go out or not, hire or fire someone… Ask your body what the truth for you is in that moment. 

And, trust the message that you receive.

One important point, make sure you engage conversations with your higher self rather than your wounded ego. The answers you’ll get will be totally different !!! 

And so, this is where the 5 ways to connect to your body deeply are useful. Perhaps you know all of the above already but you fail to put it into practice in your every day life because you are so disconnected to your body. In that case, my 5 ways will help you get that kick in… right away. 

And perhaps, all of the above is new. These practical 5 ways, will help you engage with it today already. I am excited for you. Whatever you are wishing to achieve, do not underestimate your body’s power.

Whether my clients come to me for creating a business or to lose weight or… (I lead women to be the Star Of Their Own Show so they do come for all sorts of goals and yes we rarely stick to one topic – everything is interconnected, that’s just the way it is – soo exciting, right!), I am always amazed by the amplifying power of greatness that the body has on confidence, creativity and the law of attraction. 

Are you ready? Here we go !

5 profound ways to connect to your body

  1. Sleep naked

    There is no specific order to this list, but, in all transparency, this is the one that resonates strong with me right now. Probably because I have just moved from England to the southern France and sleeping naked has become easier, temperature wise. So, I have started sleeping naked again. Completely naked. For no other reason that having the freedom to be with my body, naked. Falling asleep and waking up to my curves and my beautiful soft skin. 

    It brings me so much joy. I feel powerful, strong and confident in the morning. It is right now the way that brings me the most joy. One naked night gives me that extra buzz for the whole day. 

    And, I have learnt that the best way to heal our body trauma is to stop fighting the resistance. You, by default, always hide your body ? Deny it the care and the love ? Always cover it as soon as you can after a shower, the swimming pool or sex ? Release the resistance next time by allowing yourself to spend more time with your naked body. 

    And, in case you look at my pictures and think it’s easy for me to be naked with myself as I am xyz – know that my body is very imperfect, breastfeeding breasts, multiple pregnancies and past weight fluctuating years have left my skin heavily tattooed with life. 

    This practice helps me accept my imperfect body. 

  2. Actually connect with your body

    This may seem obvious to you but believe me, many of you would mecanically try the different ways that I share, entirely missing the point. Being focused on being a good girl, following the steps (e.g. I have done it, look at me!!!) rather than creating that strong connection and intention within yourself to feel that flourishing feeling of you + you, flirting together (body and soul). 

    So, make a daily point, several times a day even, to be aware of your body, your posture, and how it’s feeling. Do it with love and kindness. I like to whisper within myself kind and cheeky sentences such as “I can see you, I can feel you”. My ton of voice is always warm with a cheeky twist. Almost as if I was a child playing hide-and-seek. 

    I like to dedramatise our evolutionary path by adding cheekiness. Because, otherwise, what’s the point? Again, we’d be missing the point. 

    So, stop and listen. Stop and feel. Stop and hear. Stop and touch.
    Send yourself some warmth several times a day.
    See yourself so that other people can see you. 

    You may have heard this before but please, do it. Every day, I am in awe when I witness the beauty that occurs in my clients lives as they start to see themselves and actually start realizing what they are capable of.  It’s magical except there is nothing magic about it. They have dared entering the realm of uncomfortable.

    They have been brave. 
  3. Dance yourself sexy

    With all the intention focused on the connection of your soul through your body, move your goddess temple through dance. Choose a tune that you love, one that makes you feel inspired, alive and on fire. 

    Dance yourself sexy. 
    Seduce yourself with movement.
    Pay attention to the greatness in you.
    Make it circulate.
    Dance it.
    Live it.
    Breathe it. 

    Know how much you can be, do and receive as you let the flow of life lead you to the amazing show – yours. 

  4. Wear clothes that make you feel that you matter 

    This is big for me right now, too. It is big because I am, right now in my life, at a crossroads. I have let go of a lot of things. I am welcoming a lot of new things. And, as I left England two weeks ago, I have felt called to give away all my clothes. 

    I came to France with one legging, 3 tops and 4 jumpers and 2 dresses. That is all except for underwear and sneakers. 

    And, I am still figuring out what it is I want to be wearing. I know there is a strong link there for me with the reconnection to my roots that I have undergone coming here. 

    I have a question for you: do you dress to belong to the average or do you dress to honour your fierce power for love & transformation?

    I know you know which one will bring you to your highest energy. Do it ! And, if like me, you are in a phase of “recreation”, play, keep playing. Always play! 

  5. Breathe

    I know, you were expecting that one. I had to put it in because although we know it, we forget it. I have been through real personal challenges in the last four months with the sickness and the death of my father-in-law. 

    Breath is what was always accessible when I had no space to do any of the above. Breath is available to you always. It gets you the good and the bad. Unlimited when you are alive. Does that mean I was perfect at remembering that? I wasn’t but I got better and better. And it made the whole experience easier, for sure. Breath allowed me to come back to center, purpose and love. It lessened my reactivity and activated my compassion instead. 

    Tap into it and come back to peace with your breath so that you can call in your highest self and create the life of your dream. We are constantly creating. Conscious breathing allow us to choose what we bring into our lives: hell or paradise. Up to us. 


So, these are my ways. I challenge you to experiment with them – especially the ones where you felt the most resistance. Test them, play with them, add to them and witness your confidence soar, your creativity widen and your level of attraction elevate. 

I have learnt that the law of attraction is nothing but self-belief and self-love and your body + your consciousness are the vehicles for that. 

It is time to reclaim your body, your power, your joy ! 

Love to you,

Floriane xox
Confidence & Kickass Coach

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welcome to the club !

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