Instagram to boost my business ?


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I may not tell you what everyone says. To the question “Do you need to be on Instagram to make your business thrive? “I don’t have a clear answer. I played around with this question on Google and the first of my answers were in black and white.

Here’s why you absolutely need to be on Instagram…

Here’s why you should absolutely not be on Instagram…

The chance is that if you are here, you may have searched for an answer on Google. Maybe you are currently on Instagram and you are thinking of leaving because 1) you are overwhelmed and 2) it is not bringing you the income that you desire based on the time and energy and hope you have put in this “machine”.

Or, perhaps, everyone is telling you that you should, for sure, be on it if you want a good chance at making it in business, and you are feeling resistance. You may then have reached out to Mr Google to find out if being on Instagram is right for you.

I am glad you did.
I am glad you are here.
I have been there too & I am here to help you!

(ps. if you want to find out more about me – global French girl :-), this is me here – and this is my Instagram, follow along !)

What I tell my coaching clients!

My coaching clients often find me via Instagram although, increasingly too, via other platforms as I continue to explore and follow the fun. Because they have found me on Instagram and have seen me rocking it with my energy, having so much fun serving my community – they expect me to tell them to do exactly the same go and create a business on Instagram.

I have learned that it doesn’t work that way. What works for me will not necessarily work for you. Sure, they are millions of strategies you can buy into out to make it work on Instagram. Tell me though, why did you create your business in the first place? To experience full flow, freedom and creativity? Or, to continue to follow the rules and the “to-do list” of the whole wide world?

What I tell my clients is therefore very simple, it goes like this:

  • Does it feel fun ?
  • Does it feel like you are expanding ?
  • Does it feel like you are leaping daily ?
  • Does it feel like you are living your purpose ?
  • Does using it leave you feeling great ?

If they answer YES to all of that, then, the answer is yes.

What I am saying to you, right here my darling, is that you are free to choose how you share your message by following what feels fun.

Sometimes, you may experience resistance towards one way of doing, say Instagram or Tick Tock, and you may decide to give it a go for 2 weeks and see how it feels. Let’s not forget that we can easily trick ourselves to believing something is not for us because it is new or because we have judged it in a certain way.

Give yourself full permission to change your mind, explore, play and then decide if it for you right now or not. It may feel fun in two weeks time, in 2 years or never. Honor that, always.

My positive Instagram experience

I resisted Instagram for a long time before I decided to give it a try. Before I knew it, I found myself naturally ditching Facebook because I was having so much on Instagram. I loved the visual aspect of the platform and also, I loved how it was all about interacting with other Instagram accounts. On Facebook, I felt it was more closed in “me, me, me”.

I probably was on the platform for a good year before I started selling anything though. I used to have fun and post regularly, but I was not intentional. When I started being intentional and daring opening myself up to being me; things started to shift very quickly. My account grew, I received more and more PMs and I made regular sales. 

Where I am on Instagram now

Whenever my clients asked me if I ever felt obliged to show up daily in order for my business to continue to grow, my answer was always the same “the day I stop having fun is the day I will find new fun ways of showing up”.

My business has been growing very successfully –  I was able to retire my husband so that he can also live his best life, move countries and homeschool our kid – largely thanks to Instagram. About a year ago, I thought about quitting Instagram as it started to feel like a prison. After some time off, I decided to continue and to play with it in new ways.

This playing allowed my business to grow even more while having so much fun and experimenting new parts of myself in the process. Amazing !

Today, almost 2 years in, I am back at this point where showing up does not feel fun and exciting, and it leaves me feeling depleted instead of being energized. A clear sign for me that using Instagram the way I used to is no longer aligned. Something therefore needs to shift. A new me is coming through, and I am so ready !

How do you detach from Instagram without harming your business?

It’s funny for me to observe that a year ago, the idea of leaving Instagram was scaring me completely. Today, I feel at peace with my decision to not make the drastic decision to leave Instagram entirely but to follow the fun.

And, what’s so much fun right now is exploring other potential sources of impact and revenue while feeling totally free to show up on Instagram whenever it seems fun and exciting. After being so much “front camera”. It’s a luxury feeling to keep my life to myself. Yiha! I’m so excited ! ! Can you tell ?

I am always back to that because I know that the minute I stop following the fun, the excitement … the ADVENTURE of life. I feel bored and disconnected from my purpose. And I cannot stand that feeling! Also, it affects my business. Oh, yes.

If following the game means that I am the happiest, that it serves my clients best and that it allows me to become rich, why would I sabotage that?

There are a million reasons why everyone would do it – we’ll talk about that elsewhere.

The only message that will get you into high gear

There is one word that I have seldom mentioned in this article. Yet, it is essential to allow yourself to follow the sense of adventure of life as you create a thriving business.

The word is TRUST.

Trust in what feels fun and exciting for you!
Trust in your own ability to create!
Trust in no longer doing what no longer feels excitement even if it used to be fun! Even if brings you an income. Because soon enough, it won’t be. You’re not feeling excited about something that did is your soul showing you it is ready for next level !!!

And finally, trust that you are being supported as you continue to leap again and again and again.

Allowing myself to “retreat” from Instagram for now or for ever is the best gift I can give my soul right now. No 5 bedroom house with a pool or no one a million dollar landing on my front door could make me happier. This is truly what my soul desires right now – the gift, the freedom to have space to explore and create without the pressure of showing up on Instagram. This is my right, I’m taking it !

Just like you, I have no guarantee this will work for me. But, I am in full trust. I have learned to listen to my body and the messages he sends me are clear right now. If you find it challenging to be in tune with the messages of your body, you may like to read this article I wrote yesterday. It is powerful and very connecting. I think you will find joy and … reconnection envy as you read it.

To be on Instagram or not?

You already know the answer. Have full confidence in it. Don’t let fear ravage your confidence. And remember that it only makes sense to get the results you want if you dare to invest in the things that bring you the most joy. 

It is an act of love for yourself and your gifts (!!).

We are creatives. We are in business because we want to create and experience complete freedom while having an impact. Creating a business that works for you is the most fulfilling decision you can make for your soul.

I am so thankful that I know now that my truth is always there within me, within my magical body. Statistics may show amazing results and success stories in doing things a certain way, it does not mean anything to you except for numbers and facts, if it doesn’t light your heart on fire.

There are so many entrepreneurs that are successful and changing the world every day without a website, an Instagram account or… just because they are following the fun. And, if having a website or an Instagram account feels heavy – find something lighter. If, on the contrary, it feels expansive and like you are stepping into your vision fully. Honor it 1000%.

Whatever you want, you desire.
Whatever you desire, you are.

Be it!

You were born a star.
Don’t forget it.

Lots of love,
Floriane xox

PS. Don’t forget to download my Free training here, it is epic ! It will show you how to be the Star of Your Own Show right now. Why? Well, you should know by now !! You deserve nothing less than the Show, Yours … great, fabulous, magical, confident…… get it sent to you right here ! 

Ready to live the show, yours? spectacular & Magical?

welcome to the club !

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