6 powerful ways to work on your Money Mindset

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I am going to be totally transparent with you – I picked the number 6 at random and I gave you the first six ways that came through to me, for you, today. Because, to be honest, they are 100 other ways to work on your Money Mindset.

However, this is what came through today for you & these 6 first steps are amazing & essential. It is the basis of the money work that I would recommend you start today as a “non negotiable” in your routine if you are determined to create a life of joy and abundance for you and your loved ones. Or just for you, that is ok too!!

Most people argue little when they are told to create healthy food or movement or breathing habits. They may say that they lack time but they accept it as a “thing to be done”. These have become pretty mainstream. However, when it comes to money, I have noticed with women I work with … energetically … it is like, they turn around as if to say “are you talking to me or talking to someone else”?”.

A little less when female entrepreneurs come to me to become The Star of Their Show in their Life & Business – they kind of expect it. As one of the motivation to become The Show is to increase their income and impact.

The truth is, all of us should be dedicating time every week (if not daily) to work on our money mindset. What I have learnt is that money is at the root of most sabotage. A poor money mindset is like a brick wall preventing you to experience growth and joy.

I remember, the first time I came across this topic, almost 10 years ago. I did not feel repulsed. I felt alive. I felt I was on to something. I knew it was going to change my life. It made me want to dance and scream “I got it – the key to freedom”.

I started reading tons of books and watching a lot of free webinars. Creating some little post-its with notes, some kind of memories cards, writing my affirmations, journaling on limitations, connecting to my vision and my… life started to change, for the better.

It was not a Cinderalla-type of experience. I did not become wealthy in a second. I thought I would but I now know, it does not work that way. Knowledge do not make you rich. Bold creative soulful actions do. BUT without work on your money programming, your Bold Creative Soulful Actions will only get you so far. And if they get you rich, it is likely that you will soon lose it all.

Because money mindset is the work to do on this Earth for everyone.

Show me one person who has an immaculate shiny goldy money blueprint without having done the work ? I think you’ll be done doing the work before you find one.

So, let’s get started, shall we ? Let’s discover 6 ways to work on your Money Mindset today so that you can start attracting the life you desire AND deserve.

(and by the way, I have a program, only available in French right now, MONEY MAKES ME DANCE, it is transformative. And anyway, what I wanted to say is, I think there’s more money programs or books coming through so, watch this space or subscribe to my newsletter to be notified. And if you want to start the work now – well, read this article + contact me here via Messenger & let’s chat!).

1.Identify where you currently are at with money

Transforming your money blueprint is not a sprint – it is a journey. It is one that should be exciting. There is so much attached to money, as you start to clear your ancient limiting programming, you will be buzzing with self-confidence and self-love. So, do the work. And start today. Make it a priority.

In your journal (I do hope you are journaling by now, if not, check my other articles on journaling), go and meet your current self:

  • What to I believe to be true around money?
  • What kind of sentences did I hear as a child from my caretakers?
  • What was my parents or friends reactions to me when I asked for something expensive or luxurious?
  • Was their room in my childhood for dreaming, for wealth?
  • Would my parents choose the $5 candle or the $150 one? Why is that?
  • What are my current fears about money?
  • What comes to me automatically when I meet a person of wealth?
  • How do I feel when I step in a high end hotel or restaurant ? If I never do it, why not?
  • Where do I play small in my life & where is money at the root cause? Why?

I could go on and on and on with many more questions. If you do the work with these already, you are onto some magic. I invite you to make this moment a celebration, a rite of passage to the new wealthy new. It is all about the intention. You are not completing a school homework, you are making the decision to rise wildly. 

As you go and meet the unconfortable, the shame – you then get to decide what you want instead.

Always remember as you do any kind of transformational work – digging out the behavioral patterns is not enough. You always ought to ask yourself who you want to be and what you want to believe instead.

For example, if you have been taught that it is hard to “find” money.
You may choose to reprogram yourself in this way: ” Money is not found but earned. And it can be earned with ease”.

Now, if you have never been with anyone who has earned money with ease, your subconscious is not going to believe this. You need to show your subconscious that it is possible and it is true.

How? Firstly, “simply” by doing it would be the most powerful way. Earning money by showing up being and doing the things you love, for example. And of course, I can help you with that one – this is what I do daily for my beautiful 1:1 clients.

Secondly, by creating a list of people that you know, either for real or through social media, TV who are earning mega bucks while “playing”. These can be coaches like me, singers, actors, comedians, painters, dancers, film makers, photographers, fashion designers, interior designers… but also financial advisers, accountants etc.

As a side note, I used to thing only creatives could earn money with ease while having fun – turns out, I was wrong on two things. Accountants can be extremely creative and love their job so much that they attract clients and opportunities with ease. 😉

So, get to work. Don’t spend the rest of your day or week reading post blogs like this. Sure, they will give you a temporary kick but they will not be life changing unless you do the work. Did you know that personal development can be addictive? I wrote something about that somewhere once. It may have been in a newsletter.

2. Choose one practical action you can take today to elevate your money energy

This invitation could go two ways. I am choosing to invite you to meet the uncomfortable so that you can get comfortable and rise ASAP.

So, in other words, this is an opportunity to face your fears and by doing so, you make the decision to transcend them. To change. To find solutions. To grow and expand. To get to the land of the riches. Because this is what you deserve. And, what good does it do to the world, your friends, your family… to stay stuck and poor? Wouldn’t it be better if you could…

  • pay for a sick member to have world-class medicine
  • pay for your mother to have 5 star accommodation
  • go travel as a family around the world in an unlimited way of money and time
  • build 10 schools in Africa
  • offer 150 women across the world University education…

Whatever tickle your fancy! Having the freedom to receive and to give back. Wouldn’t that be amazing? It would. And it starts with doing the work presented in this article, for free, for you today. I could turn this into a paying e-book but I am called to giving it for free, today.

So, anyway: check your bank account, see how much you owe, see how far back you’ve gone and you’re focused on the wrong things (collecting coupons, someone?), deal with the bills that come in, remember the times when you left, so you didn’t have to pay for everyone’s drinks, or when you counted every penny at the cash register or when you paid for everyone for the wrong reasons.

Deal with the discomfort so you can improve every time.
And this decision to do better every day is transformative for your life.
It really is.

Look at me.
Look at them.
It’s available to you too – if you decide to do the job.

3. What’s your voice telling you in the area of money?

Your thoughts reflect what you believe to be true (this is largely related to point number one of this article).

What you believe to be true reflects the little/the much that you think of yourself.

What you think of yourself will be reflected in your bank account, the promotions you receive, the growth and opportunities of your business… and also, your situation in terms of love and friendships, your relationship with your children…

Or, the way you interact with the world. Whether you believe you are supported (because you are worth it) or you believe you are supported (because why should you be, you’re not that surprising) 🙁

It’s all about energy.

By the way, if all this sounds true to you – my BORN A STAR program is… without any doubt for you (only available in French for the moment, for support in English, contact me here via Messenger).

What you give birth to, you receive. If you give birth to love, you receive love (including money). If you put out the energy of victimization/poverty, you receive the energy of fear (debt, stagnation, negative people, etc.). But of course, sometimes you need it to get to the next stage.

My up leveling have certainly not all been butterflies and rainbows. In fact, for the most part they have been a Universal Majestic kick in the pants. And it was hard. But I decided to get through it and keep going. But I’m telling you, I did consider hiding under my comforter for the rest of my life … but … the problem with me is … I’m bored. I like to go to bed at night and I like to jump out of bed in the morning. The difference is that instead of being so magical at the beginning of my day, I was cranky as hell, making everyone’s life a misery.

Anyway, that was a personal side note to reassure you that I am fully human. This is not what you should focus on. Your focus should be on … doing the work, of course.

4. Take a money leap

Buy something you wouldn’t usually dare or even consider because “it is not for you”, “you cannot afford it” or “who do you think you are”.

I am here to tell you that what you desire is what you deserve. There is no other way. Your desires are information to tell you that you were born this way so… this is for you – take it.

Now, before you send me a message telling me how irresponsible I am – blow for a moment.

Your first leap may not be that big. Perhaps, you can leap from buying the cheapest strawberries to the succulent local and organic ones from the local market.

Or perhaps you need to make the biggest leap and empty your bank account or go into debt even to transcend.

This is personally what I chose. I did do the small leaps and they helped but they didn’t feel fun and drastic enough. So, I invested $9000 in 1:1 coaching with my kick-ass mentor when we were already in debt and couldn’t pay the rent. I did do that. I did feel crazy. I did sweat. But also, it did feel fun and it did feel like the right thing to do even after having spent 5000 British pounds on a previous coaching program.

And you know what? Less than two years down the line, I have retired my husband, moved countries, homeschooled my kid and hired a team of rockstars to support my growth and so much more. And the most important thing of this all, I love my work. Every day, I get to contribute to thousands of lives here on my blog, on Instagram, … and through my programs too. No more boring, time sucking 9-5 commute jobs!!!

Now, don’t think for a minute that all you have to do is splash 9k, and you’re done. I introduced myself and I still do, every day. Even when there is massive construction work going on next door, when my father-in-law is dying of cancer, or when I don’t feel like it. I introduce myself. I have never missed a single call from my coach and I have never been afraid to ask him a single question. Not because I’m in need, but because I invested money I didn’t have, and I decided at that point that I needed to have a return on my investment.

Moreover, I didn’t start my business, I already had a base of operations, I was stagnating and I had lost joy. And, without joy, no money.

So, leap, now, today.

Keep the energy of money flowing and have some self-confidence.
I remind you that what you want, you absolutely deserve it. There is no doubt about it. It’s up to you whether or not you can achieve it by… doing the job.

No dancing under the rain or shaking your crystals is going to magically make a million dollar land into your bank tomorrow. Though, it may help. We can talk about that another time, shall we?

5. Educate yourself in the area of money

I know – this may cause your body to feel sick especially if you are highly creative and consider anything financial utter poison or sleep inducing. Stay with me, I promise, this is worth it.

What you know doesn’t scare you – what doesn’t scare you, you can attract & grow.
Read that again.

We talk about giving women of developing countries a chance for education. And I agree 100% though I would create another curriculum than the expected standard 😉 . And I want to add to this, we need to give women of the world a chance for money education.

Money doesn’t go on trees, you may have heard. It may actually, you can do anything nowadays. What is for sure, it will not grow if you don’t know anything about growing your money. And, to be fully transparent, I am a newbie in this and it does feel like walking on broken glass at times. Or reading Chinese which I do not read or speak or breathe.

I agree, this may be too soon for you. If you are new to this money work, focus on the previous points first. I know though some of you will have already done some of the work – this is your next area of stepping up as well as repeating the previous steps which will be finished in a million years. We have so much bagage to uncover around money. You don’t need to be perfect to start receiving though. You need to start and keep going to keep on receiving.

And, if you are a total newbie in this work, keep this step in mind. Pick up the financial times, intentionally overhear two finance people talk on the tube or the train etc.

Welcome in the area of money fully.
Educate yourself.
Dance with the energy of money!
It is so good!!

Repeat: I love money and money loves me !

6. Play with the energy of money

Just because we talk about money and finance doesn’t mean you have to get all stiff and serious about your body + facial expression. Just relax a little 😉

Don’t forget that you attract who you are. If you are stiff and tough, it will be harder for money to come to you. If you are open and welcoming, it will be easier for money to come to you.

I used to read similar things to this and not get it. It would sound magical but it would make no sense. Today I understand that the belief and the attitude we have around money and ourselves shape our actions and our creativity. Which, in turn, is the vehicule for money to come to you. Does that make sense? If not, come and say hi on Messenger !

Say you are a coach or a photographer or a copywriter – if you are stiff and contracted in your body, your work and communication around your work will be too and so will be your creativity. And this my friend, will not retain attention nor make money. Not as much as you deserve.

100% of my clients come to me because of… me, who I am, my energy. Nobody ever comes for the content of my programs. Actually, if you scroll through my programs, I never write out what each chapter is about. Because I know it doesn’t matter. And usually, women who want the tiny details of my offers, they are simply not ready for my work yet. Though, sometimes, after a little chat on Messenger, we realise they are. It was just a tiny little money mindset issue.

Follow the calling!
Follow the fun!
Follow the joy!
Follow the adventure!

This is where life is … and where life is… money is too.

I hope this was useful, I certainly enjoyed writing it for you.

I wish you an extraordinary existence and I wish for you to have the courage and the brillance to show up for yourself first and for the world next and to… do the work.

With all my love,
Floriane xox

ps. can you hear my French accent through my writing? I am from the beautiful south of France & I have a calling from a very young age to work with the world so…here I am. If you want more of that French energy, follow along on Instagram and subscribe to my newsletter here (and get a free coaching course where you’ll hear my French accent for real. Ok, this is not why you should sign up, I was told it was great and it is not my mother who said so haha xx love to you!)

ps 2. don’t be shy and come and say hi on Messenger if you feel the impulse. I don’t bite and I will only suggest programs if it is fully aligned.

Ready to live the show, yours? spectacular & Magical?

welcome to the club !

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