How to avoid The Void ?

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Firstly, what is The Void ? The Void is this place where you feel lost and empty. I also like to call it “the in-between” place – the one that suggests you are creating a new identity. This uncomfortable place where what used to be, used to work for you, used to make you glow and want to rip your clothes off from so much joy – no longer does. It is the opening to something new that still feels blurry. It may send you into a panic.

That place whereby you don’t really know what you want. You want to set intentions. You want to ask the Universe for guidance. But all that comes is “give me a sign” or “get me out of here, this is no fun”. You want clarity but there is so much “empty”.

Of course, you may still want to receive money, create and make an impact because you know this is why you are here. But even that, feels like a trick from the mind as opposed to a soul driven kick-ass visceral desire. Even that feels faint, almost like a lie. Something you repeat to yourself because you know it usually works.

You still get up. You still show up. But it doesn’t click. There is no explanation at first for that feeling of The Void. It often feels like, one day, you wake up, and it is there. As days and perhaps weeks go by, you start to find reasons. Perhaps your sales, your impact have collapsed. Perhaps people have gone quiet with you. Perhaps a mass of people are unfollowing you on social media or unsubscribing from your e-mail list.

If you are not careful, you may start to fall in the “poor me syndrome”. Nobody likes me, everyone is leaving, I am failing, I am reduced to this, I am nothing.

You may try to push and force signs when really what The Void invites you to do is to lean into trust and deeper creativity. It is an offering for receiving. It is a gift for tuning in with your highest feminine.

The Void is often seen as this dark, “learn your hard lessons”, suffer to heal place. Actually, The Void is, if you choose to, a light of tunnel towards a truer version of your existence. It is an undressing zone. It is a place where you are invited to get naked and look deep into your soul : what is your next level of greatness?

The Void gives you space to tune in and to listen to the offerings of what it is you are meant to be, do, achieve, give and receive in this next phase of your life. It is a door to more greatness. It is shading lights on what no longer serves you – whether it is people, systems, patterns of behaviors, beliefs or stories you tell yourself.

It is a patio for The Show. The glitter. The power. The wide exuberance of your soul to accomplish what used to seem unattainable.

The Void naturally guides you to slow down to nurture and relax deeply. To start seeing and celebrating your body again. To ornate it with love, touch and gratefulness. To allow it to guide just as it is supposed to.

Breathe again.
Nourish again.
Sing again.
Dance again.
Play again.
Choose again.
Decide again.

It brings you back into full alignement if you take in the invitations guided by your body’s desires.

How do I know all of this? I have come to become friendly with The Void. It once used to be this place that scared me – where I felt that I was losing my power, my glow, my happiness. Life has shown me that it was, every time, a place for rebirth and renewed energy and desires. It literally is like a room where you get to shake it all off. If you will, see it as a “detox of the soul”. I typically experience The Void, at least, once a year. Sometimes it lasts a very short time. Sometimes, it lasts longer, often in winter.

I wanted to share this article with you to invite you to help you shift your perception of The Void – that “in between” space between the known and the unknown. And see it as an offering from the Universe to access your next level of greatness. It is already here – only waiting for you to embody it fully. The Void gives you the space to see it, feel it, breathe it and … choose it, at last.

Again, it is not a place for self-loathing and victimisation. Life is not a dress rehearsal. It is a continuous invitation to rise even in the darker, slower times of our lives. If you are reading my article finding yourself in this place, keep committing to your creativity, go deeper with it, even if you feel called to retreat for a while from the public eye. This is typically me. In my Void moments, my body is clear, it needs to retreat and I am invited to explore new ways of sharing my message and create. It feels like a precious gift – the one of embodying deeper feminity, with the energy of creating and receiving while nurturing.

The Void can connect us to our magic, child-like self and also to our wilder, rawer self. During my Void moments – I sure have anger and violence coming out of me as a mean to shake things off. I have learnt to dance with it. I know after the storm, the sun appears – however long the storm lasts.

It truly is a gift. Do not waste it.

So, in short, The Void is not to be avoided but welcomed with the right frequency. The one of a world champion leader getting ready to step on a new stage, bigger, wider, easier, more beautiful, more impactful. There is nothing wrong with you. 

And if you feel like you could do with an explosive kick of goodness and Frenchness (haha), my free mini coaching program is exactly what you need. You can get it here right now.

With all my love, welcome in the new, the beauty, the you!

Floriane xox

Ready to live the show, yours? spectacular & Magical?

welcome to the club !

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