Did you forget the magic ?

Floriane Letulle

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The magic that goes into creating a piece of music?
The efforts, hours and collaborations it takes to make a movie?
The millions of people touched, moved by these as a result ?

I did.
I forgot the magic.
I forgot to feel a song from beginning to end.

I saw all the things I was told I could not do as truth.
But also, I felt it, very hard, the weight of the conditioning, the expected around a topic where I have felt most vulnerable.
I fell in the trap of what is supposed to be.
To be safe.
Just in case.
Not to suffer again.
This morning, I allowed space to detox my soul of what it had accumulated in the last 5 months. Sure, there’s more to come out. But I made a decision, to see the magic again!!!
To listen to music – to ACTUALLY listen to music like I used to. Doing nothing else. Appreciating each beat, each twist, each seconds of vibration in my body.
Feeling the art, the artist, the collaboration and all the courage behind it – never knowing what the public will say.
Just like when I create – feeling my artist soul. Feeling grateful for every single person that allows me to live my art and from art.
So I am asking you
COVID and all
For a second or perhaps for much longer?
However long
It is always too long
Have you traded freedom for security and the horrid feeling of being stuck ? Allowing STUCK to be your life? Falling into the trap of LAZY – that feeling of fuzzy brain when we are not fully authentic.
Not by conscious choice
By fear based conditioning
But I forget sometimes
I did this time
by fear of living hell again
it all came back to me
the horrid nightmare of 2015
The screams
The ones that you hear
And, the ones you cannot hear
The ones that feels like 10 knives have ripped you opened
Not once but a thousand times
But then I remembered
That nobody, no place
Can stop life from happening
So I chose again
And of course, I feel fully alive again
Living LIFE as an adventure
Just like I’m supposed to
A friend asked me “are you there for good?”
In the South of France
I said yes
My soul screamed NO
And she was right
We are on the go again
To where
I don’t know
The fun is back
The love too
Nobody should take that away from you
Meaning: do not allow it
COVID & all
Today, along with these lines, I want to celebrate the people of our planet who show up to make Earth a better place, creating art, fun, brave projects and also conscious babies. Celebrating the mothers of this Earth walking, sometimes, the alone path.
People actually making a conscious decision to follow the extraordinary, the things that make so much fun to them, the courageous way, the one that may be mocked and shamed – but, they carry on anyway.
I hear them
I see them
And I am with them
Walking the path of the brave, the show, the magic of it all.
Will you come with me?
Floriane xox
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Ready to live the show, yours? spectacular & Magical?

welcome to the club !

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