A new year in Provence

Floriane Letulle

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I am not going to pretend – I have not yet read the famous book written by Peter Mayle. But, I have a copy right next to me. It looks pretty ancient too. Something magical about it. Slightly dusty and the paper is sort of rough. It looks like it has been read many times. How many souls has it stirred?

Why you should never say never!

Funny enough, a few weeks ago, my brother-in-law mentioned the A Year In Provence book to me, in a passing conversation. I remember it and I remember thinking “hm, I would never read such a book”.

Well, as it happens, life has taken a toll on me yet again & here I am, sat in my native Provence, in a delightful airbnb with an ancient copy of A Year In Provence which I am, by the way, very eager to read. Never say never.

I love how life loves to surprise me. I will never forget (or will I ever? haha) the year, 2002 when I told my father that travelling to an island was not my thing (never!) – I was a city girl (aren’t they cities on islands ? haha bis). Well, guess what? A few months later, I was invited to visit the amazing island of Hawaii & I loved it. There isn’t a year that goes by, without me cherishing that trip and the delightful family I stayed with (and I am still in touch with, 17 years on!!).

I remember also, following that trip, February 2003, I announced to my parents that Eurasian men were not my thing – I simply was not attracted to them (they are many Eurasian men in Hawaii). Well, 4 months later, I was to meet my life and love partner Chris, who is half English, half Japanese. Gorgeous Eurasian human body.

Never say never, understood? I am not sure I have understood, personally. I still use that word & life still surprises me. I guess, it’s not such a bad thing then, to say never.

This isn’t the plan! What is the plan?

In the series of “never say never” – I am not sure if I said it though I am quite convinced I thought it a million times – I never ever thought 😉 I would set foot in Provence more than 3 weeks. I am too cool for here, you understand ? I mean, I left when I was 19, how amazing is that ?

Yes, I am certain now, I said it at least once – I never thought I’d move back here after 17 years of expatriations in various locations in Europe with a large part of it spent in Switzerland where, by the way, I never thought I’d live. It wasn’t on my list, it never appeared on my list.

They say the Universe has got better plans – I think this is true. What a ride !

This is not a blog article where I am going to tell you all about life in Provence and why you should come here and what to wear on those amazing summer markets. This is not my vibe – yet !!! 😉 What I will say though because my land deserves it and I feel it through my every cell – this land is divine. I have travelled across France & nowhere awakes my soul as much as the Provence region.

Is it because I was born here? Is it because I spent the first 19 years of my life here? Is it because most of my family lives here? Is it because I met Chris here? It may well be – I cannot explain it.

What I remember is falling with beautiful Provence about 12 years ago or so. I was visiting & I was suddenly in awe. I realised that for most of my life here, I lived with closed eyes. Oblivious to the delight of the natural beauty all around, the sun so generous, the markets so vibrant and the soulful arts so abundant.

This region makes me want to wear the best dresses, the best hats and the best red lipstick. It makes me feel fierce, feminine, beautiful and powerful. It makes my soul on fire. It grounds me. It awakes me. I love Provence.

That’s it for my not so biased review.

Let your roots fuel your divine expression on Earth!

If you are slightly confused by what you are reading – I understand, I would be too in your shoes. I did start my article sharing with you that coming back to Provence / France  was, for me, not an option, ever. And I have just told you how gracious and wonderful this region of mine is.

The Universe had a better plan. It was to heal my connection with my roots so that I could deepen my true power on this Earth. Just like that, multiple times in only a few months, I was not able to board our plane to the island of Greek Cyprus.

When, on January 2nd, in London Gatwick, we were told: “sorry, you will not be able to board that plane, Brexit, Covid-19 … the cocktail is no good”. I did not think as Provence as plan B. I thought of finding a solution ASAP to get out of England that was making my soul shiver with horror, – in order to get to Cyprus in an other way.

Reality made it that – my French passport saved us. It is the only reason we were allowed to leave the UK. I felt like a VIP, a Queen, A Diva -, lucky, extremely lucky that day. I was desperate to leave the UK after 4 rough months.

After the relief of having an option to fly – I felt shame, a big wave of it. I associated coming back with failure and admitting that I am just like them, not better.

And, that’s right, I am not better. Just like them, I am human.

However, from the age of 14, I developed a complex – another one 😉 – the one of being French. It kicked in after a summer trip in Illinois, USA. I discovered a new world, a new energy. And, I saw all these people smiling. I wanted to be like them, smiling, happy.

I created the belief, in my gorgeous brain and body, that, to be French is to be morose. And, to be American, is to be exuberantly happy.

And I made sure this was true. Unconsciously mostly, I focused on all the negativity around being French. And, at 19, I left to study in the UK. I then lived briefly in Belgium and then Switzerland. With Chris, we travelled extensively.

Throughout my experiences abroad, I met so many people who mocked or shamed the French. So much that, I truly became ashamed of being French. I wouldn’t lie about my French passport. However, I would not shout out my nationality. Or I would make it sound better saying things like “I am French but I left so young” or “I am French and I don’t get the French”.

For 2 decades, I denied the wealth of my own heritage. I lacked authenticity, I played small because of it.

This is what this blog article is about. I am inviting you to connect to your earth, your art, your culture, your people, your roots. And to let its wealth lift you up to the stars and beyond. Because you were born a star. Be the star – of your own show ! Shine ! Twinkle ! Rise up !

So many of us work so hard to make it – so many of us, ambitious women, work on ourselves so hard to manifest, to actively create the life and the business of our dreams. Yet, we deny that big part that makes us who we are.

Where we come from is our strength. Whatever were you come from is.

I sold you Provence with my soulful words. Provence is not perfect. I can choose to focus on all the challenges that do exist here and make you run a mile, change your plane ticket to Spain instead.

The point is, you don’t need to have a perfect story, a perfect upbringing, a perfect country to be worthy and deserving of what you have been born for.

You – your baggage – the good & the ugly – make you so fascinating. It fuels your power. And what I know from my own experience – and clients who have had ha-ha moments since I started sharing this part of my story – is that, denying your true wealth that comes from your personal “estate” automatically makes you play small & makes you lack authenticity.

Until you own your story fully. Your roots. Your glory and your pains. You’ll meet muddy puddles, slowing you down on your path, inviting you really to look deep, do the work & heal.

So that you can get to where you want to get faster and with so much more ease.

So, tell me, in the comments below or on social media. What power do your roots give you, your life and your business? Tell me, if you let your choices be roared by your roots, how does your energy amplify?

Sister, welcome in that fullness of you.
I know! It is daunting at first. But so so good when you realise that what you denied all along is your wealth and your actual key to more wealth – whatever that means to you.

Let’s raise a toast to your show sister – whole, raw, human, divine, unique, just like you.

I feel in my power today to have been invited back to my land (or thrown here more like) – trust me, I wasn’t singing and dancing when we were denied boarding on January 2nd. I was furious. There’s so much information in our emotions. Looking back, I now laugh.

This is all a game – play along.

Love to you,

Floriane xxx

ps. I created a very me, very French, very raw & very powerful training for you  – find it here! It is entirely free, my lady.

Ready to live the show, yours? spectacular & Magical?

welcome to the club !

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