Can I heal & become rich ?

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This morning, I was lying in bed awake while my little one was still half asleep, holding on to me. By the way, how precious is that moment first thing in the morning, when you wake up with your loved ones. This is one thing I adore in our creative and free life, never having to rush out of bed in the morning. Being able to snuggle, smell, kiss, touch and play with my loved ones without ever checking the time. Actually, we don’t have a clock in our bedrooms. So precious.

So, it was before any one else woke, and I thought about this client of mine. She is amazing – she is a kick ass woman at what she does. She has the ability to impact the world with her divine gifts and to become rich in the process. But she doesn’t. She is resisting wealth. She had a taster a few weeks ago of how easy and magical it can be, to attract wealth with ease and pleasure. And then, she worked hard to show herself the opposite.

She is missing the calls, she is hardly showing up on Messenger (our 1:1 message bubble), she doesn’t take up my invitations fully when I prompt her. This is called sabotage & it happens to all of us, until we decide to seriously change the story that is leading us there. 

And so, first thing this morning, she came to my mind and I realised this: she made the decision, unconsciously, that she could not have it all. She could not be healing, be receiving the vision and become wealthy at the same time.

She still believes that her energy is limited and that she has to choose. She still believes that as she is healing, she cannot become rich. Because, what happens when you become rich? You can invest MORE. You can give MORE. You can change the world MORE & QUICKER.

I have come to learn on my own path & especially in the last 5 months, that the Universe always supports us on our journey, even when we are healing, even when we are hurting, even when loved ones are getting sick or dying. What matters to the Universe is that we do the work to grow and expand, daily. The Universe doesn’t care so much that we are happy bunnies jumping around 24/7. It cares that we are being whole – and that includes healing the dark and the heavy. 

Not long ago, I was sitting at my desk feeling a little low vibe and dissatisfied with myself and my life generally. I had followed a strong calling at the end of summer 2020 which had led to many challenging personal events. As I was sitting, feeling not so good about myself, I decided to pay attention to what was really going on, to give it space, fully.

And so, I asked myself, in my journal: what is really going on? Why are you feeling this way? What are all yours fears? All yours worries? What thoughts and behaviors and decisions are making you feel so low?

Allowing myself to drop the resistance and actually feel what needed to be felt, released, immediately, the tension and the despair that I was feeling in my body. One of the thing that quickly came out was, that, because these past months had been so charged, so triggering, so painful, my income, by default, had shrank. And, that I had let my community down by not being so vibrant.

And then, I asked myself: is this true? And so, I quickly thought about it, and NO. The answer was NO. I consistently, still, despite the pain, despite the triggers, despite feeling so low and negative sometimes, despite abusing the victim seat a little too much when it all felt too much … I consistently generated amazing income, every single month. I consistently had amazing conversations with my community. I consistently helped women transform and walk towards their big visions.

In minutes, I demolished the belief that when life gets tough, I become poor and insignificant. And replaced it by my wealth expands whatever goes on in my life because becoming rich is easy – it is my birth right. 

The Universe doest not stop serving us when it gets tough. It stops serving us when we decide that it will – because we simply block it by our unconscious request. That decision comes from our experience of life and what we have made to be true in our cells about success, wealth and deservingness. 

All of our story can be changed to attract wealth. It is up to you to do the work (this blog article will give you a powerful start / shift to where you are now), of course, and also to pay attention to your every day environment and how the latter is conditioning you.

Looking at your current of level of joy around wealth and success, what decisions have you made for your life that you are currently manifesting? Do they serve you or do they block you? What would you rather live out instead?

And, looking at life’s challenges, do you believe you can still become wildly successful and wealthy even when you are going through chaos? Do your beliefs support your visions? If yes, how can you live them out more? If not, what do you want to believe instead & what needs to happen to allow a shift in the physical world?

Before I go, I’ll share one more thing with you. Lives and Businesses do transform and expand, there’s a common trait, it does to those who are accepting to do the work – do the work!

Love to you, reclaim your wholeness!!
Floriane xxx

ps. I loooove helping creative and ambitious women moving from stuck to vibrant. I mean, this was my first thought this morning, even before what I felt like eating for breakfast!! So, if you are feeling ready to step up into your wildest vision, write to me on Messenger & let’s see how we can get you moving ASAP! One Life, we only have one.

Ready to live the show, yours? spectacular & Magical?

welcome to the club !

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