About me

“You have the capacity to show people this great adventure they can make with their life and you take them on this journey”

“You are able to speak to people in a way that bypasses their brain and goes straight through their cells. It is a storytelling kind of gift”.


Wow. I was once that girl, with little confidence in her body, feeling physically repulsive… with big dreams. I used to think everything had to be perfect before I considered living the dream. Luckily, one day, I understood. The dream could start at any time. There was no magic wand involved although I was inhabited by this miraculous force of what was possible. It took some time for the transformations to become visible. I regained control of my health, my diet, my body and my career. In other words, I lost more than 20 kilos without dieting and I left the corporate world to create my business. Although it wasn’t easy, it was radically simple. 

Today, I’m no longer the girl in the back row of the room: I’m on stage! I’m amazing! I’m amazing !!! And one thing I know for sure: You are too! It’s an honor and a mission for me to take you there, too, to live The Show, yours. Come with me!


Floriane Letulle is a global speaker, leadership coach and pioneer in the movement for women’s bravery, confidence, and strength. As a recent lead speaker for the Swiss government on the the theme of equality, and countless female entrepreneurship conferences, Floriane brings a distinctly different feel to the stage – incorporating elements of theatre, music, lights and dance to convey her message in a powerful, mesmerizing, and transformational way.  

Whether on stage presenting for corporations or working uniquely 1:1 with her coaching clients across the globe, Floriane works to transform mindsets, behavioural patterns, and habits of behaviour to create stunning results. From women able to quit sugar addictions to becoming powerful entrepreneurs, to women making braver, faster choices and finding their voice – Floriane helps women across varied capacities to take ownership of their lives, and become ‘the star of their show’.

Floriane owes her success to taking control of an auto-immune disease – proving doctor’s wrong when they told her she would struggle with the disease for her entire life, and not be able to have children. Floriane is now fully healed and is now the happy mother of a rambunctious toddler, as well as her thriving business.

In her spare time, Floriane loves to travel, connect with nature, and long walks around Avignon, in southern France, where she currently resides with her family.

Floriane Letulle

Ready ?

Becoming The Star of Your Show requires daring, courage and a team around you. I’m right there in your mailbox. 

You will see, my emails are not like the others!

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Devenir The Star of Your Show requiert de l’audace, du courage et une équipe autour de toi. Je suis là directement dans ta boîte mail. 

Tu verras, mes e-mails ne sont pas comme les autres !