Floriane Letulle

star of the show

Star Of The Show is my signature program where I personally support you in the daring & brilliant deployment of the show, yours!

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Confident. Inspired. Powerful.
A true leaderess.

This is what you’re here for.
We will wipe away the grey days, the touches of anxiety, the wondering if you are ever really good enough / going to make it in the way that you want.

I’ll show you how to live a life of intention, purpose, mastery and magic.

Become the star of your show… 

Fearless. Bold. Brave. Living the golden life you desire … 

The one you know you were born for.


The women I work with have one thing in common: they are creative, intuitive & profoundly human – they feel the urgency to raise the bar in their professional & personal lives, without losing themselves in the process.

What is the impact of this program ?

... that all your life, you have seen in black and white ... that you have functioned as a humanized robot ... and suddenly! You have the wonderful ability to see in color! And, to acquire the freedom you only thought existed in movies - the real freedom! To be able to finally, move, talk, create, sell, have a strong positive impact ... without ever limiting yourself or apologizing.

Through the
Star of The Show program, I have had the opportunity to accompany women in their transition from being a stay-at-home mom to an assertive & fulfilled entrepreneurial mom. Also, to help women entrepreneurs to radically transform their business and take their place as leaders as they dare to break away from codes and expectations. Or, teachers & nurses to move from a state of depression and disgust to an exciting and meaningful engagement. Additionally, women suffering in their bodies to take the wonderful step towards self-acceptance and physical, emotional and spiritual transformations with grace and compassion.
The list of examples is not exhaustive. Regardless, the nature of the transformation, the common ingredient in all of them ... is that they have moved from a  place of shame to a confident, radiant & meaningful posture. Each one has taken her place as they have embodied The Show, their own, unique and so satisfying show.  

Floriane Letulle

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Becoming The Star of Your Show requires daring, courage and a team around you. I’m right there in your mailbox. 

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Prête ?

Devenir The Star of Your Show requiert de l’audace, du courage et une équipe autour de toi. Je suis là directement dans ta boîte mail. 

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