Floriane Letulle


Sugar Detox is a fun and effective online program that has freed more than 150 women and men from their physical and emotional dependency on sugar .  

Sugar Detox
will help you understand the reasons why you consume sugar and implement exciting strategies to live without it – to be free. 

Give sugar up and set yourself free ! This slogan wasn’t chosen by accident. It’s how I truly felt, when, for the first time, I succeeded in freeing myself of my addiction to sugar. It was like a breath of fresh air! A new beginning  ! A higher sense of clarity ! All of a sudden the right to live ! And this is what numerous Sugar Detox participants regularly tell me. A new sense of freedom. Making the choice to choose.

Before I got where I am today, my life looked like this: consuming sugar followed by a massive guilt trip which resulted in 1) throwing it all away and 2) eating everything to finish with a feas … of course only to begin again the whole ritual 48 hours later.  

That is, until I understood why I was trapped in this cycle. I was then able to put a strategy into action to get myself out of this vicious circle. 

And as a result, it’s become easier and even enjoyable to do things differently.

I can teach you this , step by step, in Sugar Detox. 

Included in the programme:

A programme designed to accompany and motivate you throughout with 7 videos, 7 worksheets and 1 meditation.  

The results of the programme

- Take back control of your eating and your life. 
- Understand your behaviour and stop the guilt. 
- Take up new healthy, respectful and tasty habits. 
- Improve the health of your organs and tissues.  
- Get closer to your dream figure. 
- Boost your confidence and self-esteem. 
- After a fortnight, you'll be able to eat chocolate or a tasty pastry without feeling guilty. 
Floriane Letulle

When you sign up for Sugar Detox, you will get in touch with your own power and you will be joining a programme only one of its kind on the market.  Together on this journey, I want you to realise that you’re worth much more ! What you put inside your body matters because you matter. I will be so excited to see you totally free !

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€ 197

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